Wars in Italy

Italy is not only a country that can proudly present its beautiful touristic attractions but also one that has a rich military history track to reveal. The military history in the area features a really vast time period starting back in 509 BC up to current times. Ever since the overthrow of Tarquinius Superbus back then, the Italian army has been involved in numerous major wars that highly influenced its history in time.

Ancient Italy

Back in the ancient Italy times, its main inhabitants called Etruscans lived on the north side of the current capital, Rome. New cities were founded by them and have become known as Volterra, Veii and Tarquinia. The major wars of that period highly influenced the Roman culture in the area and the future that was about to rise for this country.

The Italians have always been war-like type of people the same as their Etruscans ancestors. The significant military tradition of these people marked Italy in all possible forms during the ancient age. Numerous summer campaigns as well as raiding activities in main neighborhoods and attempts of gaining the best territories were among their main war activities back then.

The Wars of the Middle Ages

Italy has always been a well-disputed land of culture and history. Back at the beginning of the Middle Ages, the collapse of the central Roman government occurred. Late in the 5th century, the Italian Wars of Renaissance found a place on the map of worldwide history.  The other half of the Middle Ages was marked by the constant conflict between the Holy Roman Empire and the Papacy.

This led to the prevention of political unification of Northern Italy under the Imperial Rule. However, later during the 15th century, this country seems to have been finally left in peace after the disintegration of the Empire and the Hundred Years War taking place in France at that time.

The Battles that shook this territory

This peace was only temporary because the climate suddenly changed during the Italian Wars that started back in 1494. These conflicts lasted until 1559 and brought serious effects on the country and its population and cultural heritage. The Italian wars actually involved the greatest range of western European countries ever thus highly influencing the global military history in more ways that anyone could imagine.

By the end of 1559, with the serious influences brought by the wars on the Italian states, these had wielded power in a disproportionate manner according to their size. Some became second-rate world powers whereas others were completely destroyed.

Main Influences of the Early Modern Period

The Early Modern Period in the history of wars in Italy was marked by foreign domination. Relative peace was encountered under Habsburg Spain domination (1559 – 1713) and Habsburg Austrian domination (1713 – 1796). 1796 is the year when Italy became one of the numerous French client republics. Later in the 18th century came the Italian Unification known as the colonial period in the history of this nation. This was the social movement that managed to unify various Italian states into what became the Kingdom of Italy.

The unification brought on the map of Italian history the third most important conflicts in which the nation fully got engaged: The Independence Wars that took place as follows: First War between 1848 – 1849, the 2nd war in 1859 and the 3rd war in 1866.